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Monitor WebSphere Components


We are looking at using AppDynamics to monitor a variety of components in our system. With respect to WebSphere Application Server I understand monitoring via the java agent but that only captures transactions and general health of the java agent.


I do not see any instructions or methods to monitor the runnng Application Server, in other words, the WAS Servers, WAS Applications, WAS Nodes, and WAS Node Agents. Typically the things you can view via the WAS Deployment Manager.


Am I missing something or is it assumed this can be derived from the information supplied from the java agent?





Are you referring to monitor the actual servers? May be you can install Machine Agent on the servers and set it up as a service and monitor the Machine agent status as a way to indicate the node health.

There are extensions available that can be used along with Machine agents for process monitoring etc, you can use that as well.




We are monitoring the server but that lets us know cpu, memory usage, server availablity, and other low level OS stuff.


The java agent lets us know about the data (i.e. transactions) that are moving though the java environment.


But as far as the actual components (WAS Server, WAS Applications, WAS Node Agents) of the WebSphere Application Server it seems does not seem we can determine their availability directly but in a round-about manner.

To your last part i think process monitoring extension would serve the purpose.