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Monitor SQL DB in Azure that uses Azure Bastion


We are trying to monitor a SQL DB in an Azure cloud VM that is making use of Bastion.

Our DB agent in on-prem on a Windows server.
The Bastion documentation claims that you would not need a public facing IP for the VM.

We are still trying to figure out what the Host or connection details would be then for the DB on the VM to allow the AppD DB agent to monitor the DB.
Hope someone else has had some experience with this.





AppDynamics Team

Hi @Dietrich.Meier ,  Are you looking connection details to put while configuring DB collector on controller or connection details to put in Controller-info.xml file in db agent? 

If you are looking for configuring DB collector, Here is documentation on Configure Microsoft Azure Collectors:

To configure an Azure SQL Managed Instance, follow the configuration procedures of a Microsoft SQL Server Collector. See Configure Microsoft SQL Server Collectors.

Procedures in this page are specific to an Azure SQL Database collector and not applicable for an Azure SQL Managed Instance.

 So you should configure collector for Azure SQL Managed Instance as Microsoft SQL Server Collector.

Let us know if this helps. 

Hi Sunil

Thanks for the input.
Its for the DB Collector setup, Controller-side.

At this time we are waiting for the DBAs to finish setting up the DB and come back to us with more details, but I guess you will always require a host or IP for the AppD Collector to function. 
I think it would be helpful if the MS documentation on Bastion mentions that any app connecting to the VM would still require an IP.


Hi Dietrich, 
Yes, while setting up DB Collector at controller side,  DB Connection details will be required. 

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