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Machine agent installed on a linux host not reporting any data

I installed standalone machine agent on a linux host along with Java appagent monitoring a standalone java process. But the machine agent is not collecting any OS metrics. I can see the machine agent is reporting to the controller console. Do we need to configure anything under the extension under "machineagent/monitors". Enabale or disable any extensions. Agent version is 4.2.6. Please advise.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Sujit,


There are 2 ways to configure machine agent.

- By passing application name, node name, tier name.

Do refer the below document.


- By passing the unique host id (without application,node,tier name)

We can get the unique host id from app agent logs (search for uniqueHostId in logs) and pass it in controller-info.xml of machine agent.

Hope it helps.






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Thanks for the response.