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Infrastructure (Server, Network, Database)

Kubernetes Pod Autoscaling (HPA) using AppDynamics Metrics


Kubernetes Pod Autoscaling (HPA) using AppDynamics Metrics



I am wondering if using AppDynamics for kubernetes node and pod monitoring will give us the Kubernetes HPA feature based on AppDynamics metrics. Right now you can achive this using Prometheous and Metrics Server  ( but since we are using AppDynamics I am hoping to keep using the same tool than having to deploy multiple.

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Kubernetes Pod Autoscaling (HPA) using AppDynamics Metrics
AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Mitchell.Maler


Thank you for posting this question on the AppDynamics Community.


Pertaining to your query, we do not support the auto-scaling capabilities of Kubernetes yet. AppDynamics currently does not have a feature similar to Custom Metrics Adapter.


That said, we are striving to improve the Kuberenetes visibility capabilities in each release. Please keep a watch on the Latest Release space for product announcements.