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Can I limit the metrics sent by the Machine agent to the controller?

AppDynamics Team

Is there a way to specify which metrics should the machine agent send to the controller; for example If I have server visibility enabled and just want to see volume metrics for a server; can I edit any xml file to achieve this?



AppDynamics Team

Hi @Rohan.Vaikkath ,

I never tried to disable default metrics in Machine Agent, But I feel that its possible.  I would explore option. 

• Go to path --> Machine Agent / monitors / Hardware Monitor
• Open Monitor.xml --> You will see the script name for the os type.
• Open respective script for the OS type. 
•  For example if it Mac OS type then I will open... , and Comment the metrics which I don't want. 

## Output area
echo "name=Hardware Resources|CPU|%Idle,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$CPU_IDLE
echo "name=Hardware Resources|CPU|%Busy,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$CPU_BUSY
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Memory|Total (MB),aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$MEM_TOTAL_MB
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Memory|Used (MB),aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$MEM_LOGICAL_USED_MB
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Memory|Free (MB),aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$MEM_LOGICAL_FREE_MB
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Memory|Used %,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$MEM_USED_PC
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Memory|Free %,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$MEM_FREE_PC
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Network|Incoming packets/sec,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$NET_PACKETS_IN
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Network|Outgoing packets/sec,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$NET_PACKETS_OUT
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Network|Incoming KB/sec,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$NET_KBYTES_IN
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Network|Outgoing KB/sec,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$NET_KBYTES_OUT
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Disks|Reads/sec,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$READS
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Disks|Writes/sec,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$WRITES
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Disks|KB read/sec,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$READS_KB
echo "name=Hardware Resources|Disks|KB written/sec,aggregator=OBSERVATION,value="$WRITES_KB

Please try this and let us know how it goes. 



AppDynamics Team

Hello @Rohan.Vaikkath,

The answer to your concern is NO. It is not possible to get only a few metrics that you would like to see from the machine agent. It will run the collector script which is built into the machineagent.jar file which you hit while starting the agent. So we can not restrict the machine agent metrics.

@Sunil.Agarwal the files inside the monitor's folder is something related to calculations of how the agent calculates those particular metrics.


Best Regards,
Rajesh Ganapavarapu