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Define Standard Health Rules to be created for every new application


Is there a possibility to define a standard set of health rules similar to the ones that are auto created when you create a new application?


When a new application reports to AppDynamics, a standard set of health rules with custom names are applied to these applications. I understand we could create these using the API but it would be a post identification of a new application that it would be created. The default rules seem to be picked up somewhere from the default controller configuration.


Community Manager

@Ashley.Lewis @Ryan.Paredez and I have been talking about this...

Have you tried just modifying one of the built-in HRs that would then be applied to your settings? That could be the alternative to an otherwise enhancement request. I see the value of what I believe you are after...the ability to create the templates that all new applications would then be able to use, without having to create them after the fact. 


@Aaron.Schifman We use a SAAS controller so I don't have access to the inbuilt Health Rules on the filesystem. Probably have to raise a support ticket for that but wasn't sure it would be supported. That option could work for us at the moment.

Thanks for the clarity @Ashley.Lewis . 

I do not believe this would be possible at this time, but I am looking into this by connecting with a product manager who manages the Health Rules within our SaaS product. I will let you know more when I hear back from this person...I believe I will need to submit an enhancement request on your behalf, but will confirm this to be the case...if so, I will need to get a few more details from you I believe. I'll get back with you sometime next week regardless...thanks!


CC: @Ryan.Paredez 

@Ashley.Lewis I think we may have a nice solution for you....

You will start with creating health rules for an application that you can use a combination of the pre-built ones and net-new ones that are customized to your needs.

Then, under Alert & Respond there is an option to create an "Alerting Templates." Is on the left tree...

There you will create a template which, you will select the application where your new health rules were created to be used to then apply to whatever new app that comes in. You will be able to include/disclude whichever health rules you want to subsequent apps...for example, app1 may include 10 Health Rules, but only 8 of them will need to be applied to future apps 2, 3, 4, etc...

You can even incorporate alerting actions, such as SMS alerts, etc. 

Let us know if this works for you....I think its a great option for what you are trying to accomplish. 


Hi Aaron.

Thank you. This sounds very promising. Let me give it a try. 

Will update the thread based on my tests.


Hi @Aaron.Schifman 

The option does seem good to create a template for health rules. Just seems to be missing an option for apply to New Business Applications. I will try to check if there is an API that can be called to apply the template over applications else I assume that would become an IDEA request.


Good news then...Are you suggesting that all new applications automatically use that Health Rule? If so that would make a nice Idea request. If you submit that, please post it here and so I can follow up with the product team so they are aware of it. 

Community Manager

@Aaron.Schifman thanks for helping out @Ashley.Lewis.

Ashley, if you decide you want to submit a feature request, you can do that here

Be sure to search to see if the Idea already exists. If it does, give it a vote and leave a comment to share any additional info if you want. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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