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what is "Calls per Minute" in metric browser?

What does "Calls per Minute" metric represents in metric browser?

Does it mean HTTP calls recieved or DataBase Calls recieved?

Or does it represents something else?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Hanumatha,


Calls per Minutes is described by the average number of incoming or outgoing calls per minute during the specified time from the node to their destination. 


A call, as represented by the calls per minute metric, can represent a somewhat different type of event depending on whether it is counted in the context of the application or tier. At the application level (i.e., Overall Application Performance), a call corresponds to a business transaction invocation. At the tier level, a call corresponds to individual invocations of services on that tier. Thus the number of calls per minute at a particular tier can exceed the number of calls per minute that is shown for the same time period at the application level, since a single execution of a business transaction can involve multiple calls to a single tier.,CallsperMinu...