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"this.thenCore is not a function" error in Chrome/Chromium based browsers in adrum-latest.js versions

We inject the adrum script into our application pointing to the CDN version of "adrum-latest.js". This of course loads the latest version of the script from the CDN.


We noted that as of version (up to the latest: we are getting the following "this.thenCore is not a function" error in all Chrome or Chromium based browsers (The new Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, Opera)... but Firefox, old Edge and Internet Explorer were fine (didn't check in Safari yet).




As such we have two questions:

1.) What is a version number from about 2 weeks ago when things appeared to be working for us so that we can link to the older version to verify the issue (and the diff between the versions)

2.) Has anyone else encountered this issue? or know what in our code might trigger this issue?


We found that the solution was that these 2 settings were required as part of the configuration to avoid the this.thenCore error: = {"spa2": true};
config.isZonePromise = true;


With these both applied, the error went away, and the pages loaded correctly.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Thanks @Stephen.Cunliffe for sharing your solution in the community, helps to build additional knowledge for all to benefit!