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iOS Application crashes with NSInvalidArgumentException when AppDynamicsAgent trying to loadFromPersistentStore

New Poster

Hi guys,


I am seeing multiple crases for AppDynamicsAgent (50.1.1616) while calling 



let config = ADEumAgentConfiguration(appKey: appDynamicsKey)

 config.crashReportingEnabled = false

 config.screenshotsEnabled = false



Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 1.54.50 PM.png


Can someone please take a look? AppD is very powerful tool to measure the network performace and I hate to turn it off because of this crash. Let me know if I can use some workaround (previous version?) in the meanwhile. 


AppDynamics Team

Hi Pallavi,


Are you using any other crash tools alongside? Multiple crash tools on iOS could cause a crash because they often use the same resources.



Yes we are using firebase for crash reposting. Thats the reason we are using configuration to disable crash reposting for APPD (config.crashReportingEnabled = false). What are the recommended settings to use APPD only for network performance management? 

You are doing it right. I had missed that detail in your post. Let us look into it and get back to you.

Great. Thanks Anupam!



We just released a fix for the issue on version 50.1.1663.



Thanks AJ. Let me try and let you know.