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do the EUM statistics differentiate between pages and virtualPages?



  I've understood that 'pages' are those, which are tracked when the measured application is opened 'from outside', it looks at the url and according to naming settings it count is as a hit for the metrics. Virtual pages would happen when single-page app does redirects using html History API (for example in angular those with ngRoute) ..


our application uses html History API to redirection inside application, but also listens on corresponding URLs for direct links.. so if I configure both pages and virtualPages, would the statistics be combined/merged? or maybe more precise question - if and on what 'attribute' the virtual/pages visits aggregate (groups by)?


for example, when we got hit for virtual page named 'foo' and hit for page named 'foo', would the result be one (virtual)page named 'foo' with 2 hits?


thanks for helping clarify it!



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Jakub,


Virtual Pages (Based on Route Changes or using JS APIs) and Base Pages (Base HTML) are reported separately. Hence if a Base Page and a Virtual Page both named foo are reported, then you would see 2 separate entries in the Controller UI.


Hope this answers your question.




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