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Transactions table not updating


About a week ago, my transactions table stopped updating. I checked that my Analytics agent is up and running, so that shouldn't be the issue. There is definitely load on the application as well, as I can see new transactions snapshots but that data is just not stored in the transactions table. 


AppDynamics Team

Hi Leanna,


If this is regarding no data pupolating in transaction analytics dashbaords then this seems to be because of the error I see in your other post: Internal buffers appear to be full - error. However do let me know in case this is a different screen, better share a screenhsot of where you don't see data.


If the above assumption is true then this error should be on app agent side and is seen when the app agent is not able to forward any events to the analytics agent. This can happen if your agents are not able to forward data to ES for some reason like either of the component is down or there is a connection problem in between. Eventually the app agent buffer fills and it send no more data to AA. So you might need to flush the app agent queue to get this resolved.


I am hopeful that once you resolve the othe rissue, this should be resolved automatically as that is the cause of this problem. 


However if that error is gone and its still a problem please get back to us with the most recent app agent logs and analytics agent logs and we can troubleshoot. 


Thank You,


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