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End User Monitoring (EUM)

Running customized SQL to create an alert and weekly statistics

New Member

Running customized SQL to create an alert and weekly statistics



I'm trying to use AppDynamics to monitor an application session counts based on a specific program that the application is running.

I also need this to monitor the resource utilization of the database when this occurs.


I would like it if I could get results every minute, then for it to report immediately when a specific percentage/count of resources have been reached, and then report every 30 minutes later if the occurrence is still happening.


This will be somewhat customized since I'm pulling a specific program. I haven't found a good document on how to implement customized SQL and reporting the results. I'm also not sure if session counts for the program could/should be pulled off the application-vs-the database. 


Here is an idea I want to monitor and at the count level I want it to report.


select username, osuser, machine, count(*)

from v$session

where program like '%w3wp%'

group by username, osuser, machine

having count(*) > 100;


select resource_name, current_utilization, max_utilization, limit_value

from v$resource_limit

where resource_name in ('sessions', 'processes')

and current_utilization > 530;

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Running customized SQL to create an alert and weekly statistics
AppDynamics Team

Hi. You can do this with the database agent's custom metric capability:


You would then leverage health rules and policies to alert on issues: