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Running customized SQL to create an alert and weekly statistics

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I'm trying to use AppDynamics to monitor an application session counts based on a specific program that the application is running.

I also need this to monitor the resource utilization of the database when this occurs.


I would like it if I could get results every minute, then for it to report immediately when a specific percentage/count of resources have been reached, and then report every 30 minutes later if the occurrence is still happening.


This will be somewhat customized since I'm pulling a specific program. I haven't found a good document on how to implement customized SQL and reporting the results. I'm also not sure if session counts for the program could/should be pulled off the application-vs-the database. 


Here is an idea I want to monitor and at the count level I want it to report.


select username, osuser, machine, count(*)

from v$session

where program like '%w3wp%'

group by username, osuser, machine

having count(*) > 100;


select resource_name, current_utilization, max_utilization, limit_value

from v$resource_limit

where resource_name in ('sessions', 'processes')

and current_utilization > 530;


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi. You can do this with the database agent's custom metric capability:


You would then leverage health rules and policies to alert on issues: