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How to disable EUM dynamically?

New Member


Is there any way to disable EUM dynamically without refreshing the page?


Ex. user logs into the SPA application, but he changes his privacy settings and we need to disable AppDynamics totally on the browser side. Is that possible?


We are injecting AppDynamics with SPA2 (


Thank you in advance for your help.




Hi Michal,


You might be able to use this?


You could possibly program your privacy setting to modify this value as needed.

Hi Steven, thank you for your quick help.

The link that you have provided says, that the snippet "window["adrum-disable"] = true", should be placed before adrum script has been loaded.

I need to disable EUM after it has been loaded. 


Thank you,


Hi Michal,


I don't believe there would be a way without reloading the page and setting that value to false. Much like if you were to try to do the same thing with Google Analytics... It requires a reload of the page to change the gtag value.


I know that doesn't fix your issue but since this is a SPA and it is loading the agent when the user uses the site I don't know if there would be a solution without a page reload to disable.


The only thing I can think off the top of my head is maybe doing something like reloading just that portion of the HTML or whatever.  Kinda like these examples: