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Filesystem monitoring on Linux servers

New Poster


I am new to AppDynamics world, I tried to search this query on community before posting here but couldn't find any clue.

Using App Dynamics machine agent I want to monitor all fileystems on a linux servers.

If I start machine agent using machine agent user then it will not have permission on all file-system, in that case do I need to start machine agent using root?

what is the best practice for this - do people create a dedicated account for this or generally run machine agent using root only?


Thanks in advance! 


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Pradeep.Nagar-


Please have a look at the Permissions Required documentation. In general, you do not need to run the machine agent as root user and required permissions are listed. 


Please note, however, "You also will need to run with administrator or root privileges if you want to monitor networks or disks that are only available to the administrator or root user."

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