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Delay in start of adrum calls in IE browsers


Hello , 


        I am noticing lot of stalled IE instances in browser snapshots . However i do not see it from the application side. One common thing i notice in the stalled pages is delay in start of adrum call. What might be causing this delay . Below is one of the my session which is marked as stalled in appdynamics how ever i did not notice the delay from the application side .







Essentially it's just a javascript injected in the header of your application, so the delay in IE might be in the way or order that it tried to run through the header. It'll be an interesting experiment to try and run F12/inspect element on an IE and a couple other browsers when running your application site to see if there is a difference.


As for the adrum, are you locally hosting your own or using the AppDynamics cdn? If it's local (or an old one) that may account for the delay? 

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Its hosted on the local cdn , not appdynamics cdn . I do not see much difference on f12 in chrome and IE .