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Can I segregate calls into a webapp, into differnt EUM Applications?

I have a webapp that has about 90 api calls from 1 domain, and another 50 or so api calls to a different domain.  I would like to have metrics for both, but it is becoming too cluttered.

I would like to have the calls for the second domain, to go into an application container of their own, instead of all the api calls going into the same application container in EUM.

Is this possible?





Hi Gary

Just to make sure I understand you correctly you have a webpage, with the underlying requests of these pages making ajax calls to different domains correct?

Or are you referring to incoming traffic to the web page coming from 2 different domains?

Also 140 api calls in total is relatively small and should easily be manageable, can you possibly explain or provide screenshots of what is  becoming too cluttered to better understand the problem you are facing to better answer your question?


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Thanks for replying.  These are outgoing calls, being initiated from within the webapp... I guess they are not actually different domains... same domain, but different backend services in our data center.

I'm attaching a  screenshot.  I have all the api calls (ajax calls) collapsed into a single metric named 'parcel/fedexoffic (ALL)', but when I break it out, there are about 90 different api calls to this one 'parcel' service backend.

I would like to somehow configure the adrum agent to send all the /parcel ajax calls, to their own EUM application container, and have all the remaining ajax call that are not /parcel, to go to a different container.


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