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Can I add a header to selenium script in a synthetic job


I would like to add a header for basic authentication to a request within a selnium script on a synthetic job.  Googling around, I have not found a good way to do this within selenium itself - is there any way to do it in this context?


Using a URL in the format also doesn't seem to be working...


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

We do not do any additional operation on the script that is run as a part of the synthetic job. If the script is able to do any such addition and is executing successfully outside appdynamics, it will run with the synthetic job as well.

We have similar requirement too

Using Python requests library directly works

. This line works

r = requests.get(pageUrl, headers = {'x-v': '2'} )


Try the same with Selenium driver. The header doesn't get passed. 

driver.header_overrides = {
'x-v': '2',

So our workaround was to use the request library. However this means we don't get screenshots.

This is a limitation with Selenium unfortunately.


However posting it here in case someone finds a workaround.