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Browser RUM Analyze Data vs Metric Browser Data.




When I go to "Analyze" portion of EUM for an application, I see there is a Top Metrics widget which reports the following stats: Total Records, EU response Time, First Byte Time, DOM Ready Time.


My question is why my DOM Ready time is higher than my EU Response Time by almost 3 times?


Second question: on my Geo Dashboard, under End User Response time, my average is 3397 (ms) BUT when I go to Analyze for the same time frame, I get a completely different response time value. Why is that? 


On the doc, it says, "Browser RUM collects data on every load event that you have instrumented, and it also takes detailed snapshots periodically and when performance issues are detected." Why is Browser Analyze data different from Metric Browser data?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Mansur,


Please find below the response to your queries:


1) To validate why DOM Ready time is higher then EURT, kindly validate the same from the Browser Snapshots where you can see the entire waterfall view of Navigation Timings listed.

If this is just the case with Analyze component then we would need additional details to debug.


2) Data can be a bit different when comparing EUM Data vs EUM data captured under Analyze/Analytics due to following reasons:

  • If there are fewer requests given in Browser Analyze, the Events Service, which is responsible for the data in Browser Analyze, has probably not received all of the records yet. To verify this, compare the time of the last request for the page in Browser Analyzeand Pages & AJAX Requests. The latter will most likely have a later timestamp.
  • If there are more requests given in Browser Analyze, it's possible the reason is because error records are included in the total number of requests in Pages & AJAX Requests, but listed separately in Browser Analyze. The errors are listed separately in Browser Analyze to enable you to investigate and understand the cause of the error.

Let us know for any further queries.