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Ajax and VirtualPages (calls/sessions) in EUM not matching Applications/SiteCat sessions


We're seeing a missmatch between the numbers that are showing in EUM and other statistics that we're gathering.


Eg on

EUM ajax calls equals 800 whilst in applications the same API is 1700

EUM VirtualPage - booking_confirmation is 80, in SiteCat (Omniture) its 150


Previously I understood that Browser Snapshots are not 100%, but I thought the Pages & Requests, or Sessions and Analysis in EUM were 100%. 


any clarity or help much appreciated, as we want to make sure all the numbers from the different monitoring solutions are consistent.


AppDynamics Team


Can you please verify if you are not running into the 500 Ajax Page Limits.

Please see the docs which talks about the same.


Having said the above,EUM will capture metrics that comes from Browser/Device endpoint.

If there's any API calls within application,then it won't get tracked under EUM metrics.


So you can verify if the resource is called from other parts of your app.


Hope this helps.



Mohammed Rayan

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The page limit is well below the 500. 


My question was regarding the amounts - ie are the Ajax and Pages 100% captured or a %? If so what is the %. We've observered about a 50% difference.


I know the browser snapshots are running at a percentage, which is not an issue.





 I have to confirm, AP doesn't track all the (virtual) pages, I would be interested in the loss ratio though



I was originally told that the Sessions etc were 100% which is not what I'm seeing at all and im seeing ~ 50% Can someone from AppDynamics confirm what the numbers should be? Especially as this is now its confirmed by someone else as well?

Hi Mohammed


Someone else has also confirmed the same as my observations, that the Pages and Ajax request are not 100%. 


The Session's and Analytics parts (which are reflected in the VP and AJAX calls) should or shouldnt be 100%?


We would like to know so that we can report correct metrics back to the product teams.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Andy,


Ideally the metrics should be 100%.


However the metrics are taken from what browsers report and not all browsers report them consistently everytime. Hence there is a possibility that there are some metrics which are rejected by the EUM server (in parts or in entirety) because they are missing information. With that said, this should not be a huge number.


Other reason for rejecting metrics is if the request is either explicitly added to the exclude rule, or there are custom exclude rules in place which are rejecting certain pages/AJAX.


Looking into your Excluded requests under EUM + reviewing your custom exclude rules should give us an idea about what is being excluded. Plus the DroppedBeacons.log should provide us further idea on what it is dropping and for what reason.