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Unable to get NodeJS application monitoring to work


Hello Community!
I have recently been trying to get the AppDynamics work for monitoring an application which is built using NodeJS.
It is a frontend application, which is hosted using an EC2. The webserver is Apache, which then proxy forwards the requests to the Node app running on a custom port within the EC2.

I tried adding the generated script into the main.js startup file (which I used to start the node app using pm2 service), then tried restarting the web app, created load on the web app, but to no success. The connection check window keeps looping and nothing happens. I have successfully connected DB and Machine agents, but unable to get this NodeJS app monitored.

My project's hosting directory doesn't include any server.js files where I can add the code snippet. As far as I can tell, it only has a main.js file and an index.html file. I am unable to get the code snippet to work till now.
Any insights on this would be highly appreciated.