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Python Agents Without Getting Started Wizard


I've gone through and setup up instrumented java applications where the full app is able to be instrumented and created just through the controller call, but not having the same success with python agents. Following the guide (, I'm able to succesfully link the agent, but only when using the getting started wizard and using the provided node name. If I don't use the wizard and try to launch otherwise, I see a succesful controller connection that picks up the name and tier, but no actual data or metrics being passed (e.g. everything is at 0). 

Is there a way to create python agent apps without the getting started wizard? 


Community Manager

Hi @Daniel.Howell,


Thanks for asking your question on Community! Check out this Knowledge Base article: Troubleshooting Agent Issues - Installation and Start-up 


If you learn anything from it, please share what you learned as a reply to this thread, please. Knowledge sharing is what drives this community forward. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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