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Python Agent Analytics configuration

Hi Team,

I am encountering an issue while trying to Enabling the Transaction Analytics part for the Python Application using Python agent. As the stand-alone agent is working fine, however, I have observed that there is no analytic-related data reflecting on the controller. I followed the steps from link1  and link2  It is a Django-based framework application and below is the appdynamics.cfg file for the same 

app = Test
tier = T1
node = N1

host = <saas-controller>
port = 443
ssl = true
account = <saas controller-account>
accesskey = <password>

dir = path/to/directory
level = debug
debugging = on

host =
port = 9090
ssl = true
enabled = true

for  running the agent I use the command 'pyagent proxy start -c <path/to/appdynamcis.cfg>'

Please let me know what maybe done here