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PHP Agent for APPDYNAMICS version 4.2.6

Do AppD have a PHP agent for version 4.2.6. If yes what all the PHP version it suports and from where I can download the PHP agent.


AppDynamics Team



If your controller version is 4.2.x, you can install any PHP agent 4.2.x. The latest PHP agents compatible with 4.2 controller is We recommend using the latest 4.2 agent.


You can download the agent from this URL. (Needs Authentication) 



Thanks for the response. Could you please provide the URL as well.

Hi Sujith,


Here is the download link for the PHP agent




I want to install the PHP agent in Multi-App/Single-Server (MASS) Environments using the Could someone please adise how to run the install?.

How can I bypass the required settings on the command-line(shell script install)?. Please advise.

I plant to set the settings as below.

appdynamics_agent.ini: - agent.controller.hostName, agent.controller.port, agent.accountName, agent.accountAccessKey

Apache .htaccess for each application: - agent.applicationName,agent.tierName,agent.nodeName

Hi Sujith,


Here is the documentation for PHP agent in MAAS configuration.


It is required to providing a default, app, tier and node name in appdynamics_agent.ini. So that if there is a virtual host/app which doesn't have the app, tier & host name, the php agent will take the default from the appdynamics_agent.ini. Else it would be a invalid config for the PHP agent till you set the values in .htaccess or fpm conf etc.


Hope it make things clear.