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Error message during php agent installation


Error message during php agent installation



I've the following error message , when I try to install the php agent  on Centos 7.2 with php 7.0.17 :



Installing AppDynamics PHP agent:
[Error] Please disable ZTS before installing.

AppDynamics PHP Agent installation has failed. Please check /tmp/appd_install_2019_01_09_10_51_20.log for
possible causes. Please also attach it when filing a bug report.

WARNING: You MUST uninstall the failed RPM first before trying this installation

To do this, try using the following command:

rpm -e appdynamics-php-agent-

attention : %post(appdynamics-php-agent- scriptlet échoué, état de sortie 1


Could you help me with this problem ?


Error message during php agent installation

Re: Error message during php agent installation

Hi José.Alves,


PHP Agent does not monitor PHP applications in Zend Thread Safety (ZTS) mode. If you are using ZTS, AppDynamics suggests that you review your dependencies on ZTS to confirm that you actually need it and if you do not, to switch to non-ZTS mode.  The PHP Agent is not compatible with Zend Monitor




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