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AWS ECS fargate machine agent

We are running appdynamics on our container for our application and are able to gather application metrics. How can we run a machine agent on the docker container? We are using AWS ECS Fargate. Can you point me to some resource which shows how to do it?




Hi Venkata,


I am not sure about Fargate. But for EC2 ECS i have configured server agent using Daemon strategy.  use base image from appdynamics or create custom image with machine agent and run this container using daemon stategy.






AppDynamics Team (Retired)

What type of metrics are you interested in getting? Our new Cluster agent gives you helpful Cluster and Container Metrics:


Additionally, our AWS Custom Namespace extension can pull data about the specified AWS product. For Fargate, you will update the namespace field in the config file for its aws namespace and update the metrics that you would like to pull.