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Total calls of a BT in Custom Dashboard

Hi there,


I'd like to know if it's possible to have a metric such as "Total calls of a Business Transaction" (in a time range). Tried using SUM and COUNT of "Calls per minute" but it didn't work quite right.


Thanks in advance,

- Gabriel Saldanha (@gcrsaldanha)



You want to see the calls on a custom dashboard or as a metric?

The data is available on the business transactions screen, if you do not see the "Calls" column, click on View Options and select "Calls", you will see that value based on the time range selected there.




You can also do the same in custom dashboard by adding a "Metric Value" widget and select the "Calls Per Minute" metric for the desired business transaction and then select "sum" from the drop down.

This will always give you the total during the time range picked on the cusotm dashboard.



Is this solution really working?

Sum of calls per minute for the last 1 day is sometimes greater than that for the last 3 days.


UPDATE: It seems to be working as expected. I might have misconfigured at that time. (I removed the dashboard widget, so can't see what it was)

Same problem.. Also, tried information points...but weird sometimes, i dont see the metrics right. AppD should add the no of calls metric. thats bad design to miss it. 

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