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Request for Static Threshold for Gauge Widget


Hi there,

Is it possible to add static thresholds on the Gauge Widget?

The Dash Studio does provide the thresholds but it does not provide the metric expression with variable declarations.




Community Manager

Hi @Frans.Segooa,

I got this info for you.

  1. Gauge Static Threshold Support (currently we only have relative as a %age) --> our TE integration, which user may or may not be using, the Gauge widget there default to static/absolute threshold entries. if we think that might confuse them more. we can omit.
  2. Support for metric expressions, this is regardless of the widget being used, in terms of lack of support in Studio.



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Hi Ryan,

I'm not sure I understand your response.


Hi Frans,

I believe there are 2 parts to your request

  1. Support for Static thresholds, ability to enter absolute values vs. the current percentages. if that is correct, this is on our short term roadmap (so we should see it in Product in coming 3-6 months)
  2. Studio currently does not support metric expressions, this is something we are evaluating in terms of customer requests to plan for.

Let me know if any further clarification is desired.