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How to use Rest API SDK to get node level communications for Java Agents


I use AppDRestAPI-SDK for Java to retrieve all tiers, nodes information in my Java application. It is pretty convenient. 

I am wondering is there any way to get node level communications information for my application ? For example,  calls per minute from node1 in tier1 talked to node2 in tier2 in an application. I can use that information to know communication topology of my app.



I am not sure if i follow you question properply but i think you are looking for calls per minute for each of the nodes within a tier.

You can do that at business transaction level within a tier though.

Open Metric Browser -> Business transaction Performance -> Business transactions -> <Select Desired Tier> -> <Select Business transaction> -> Individual Nodes -> <Select Desired Node> -> Right click the Calls Per MInute metric and select Copy REST URL


Use the above in yoru rest calls to get the details.

 Thanks Gurmitsa for the reply.


My question was not about the metrics at the node level. I am looking for the target node name that a node is making an external call.


For example here, we have a metrics about calls per minute, 

Overall Application Performance|tier-tomcat|Individual Nodes|Node-AllInOne|External Calls|Call-THRIFT to tier-store-service|Calls per Minute


From the path(URL), I can only know this metrics is about tracking calls per minute from my Node-AllInOne in a tier-tomcat to a tier named tier-store-service, but I don't know which exact node in this tier-store-service. I suppose Java agent is able to track down the node to node level communication, such as calls or errors. Any way to get it ?


Assuming that the target application is also instrumented on appdynamics.

Metric Browser -> Overall Application Performance -> Tier -> Individual Nodes -> <Select the node> -> Incoming Cross App Calls -> <Select the source app> -> <Select the source app tier> -> Calls Per Minute

Thanks Gurmitsa. I will keep in mind we have the option to get the cross app call metrics. However, currently we don't really care about cross app calls yet. We do want to know the call's destination node, not just the tier. It seems like, the aggregation granularity is tier, not the node at the call's destination side. So there is no way to get the node that calls are actually targeting to ?

i think if you look at the cross app calls on the target, that is what you are looking for or you want exact source node to target node count?

In order to establish a communication, either I know where an external call goes to (node as callee) or where a call it comes from(caller). In the perspective of a callee, basically any metrics inmetrics browser, I can't find caller information calling the APIs exposed.