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How to export the list of all Custom Dashboards in the controller into a file?

Hi Team,


We have thousands of Custom Dashboards created by several users for hundreds of applications, Now we are in the process of Renaming Custom Dashboards, is there a way or any API we have to get the list of all Custom Dashboards together? what application metrics it has? who created it? rather going into each dashboard. I see in the GITHUB we have REST API which gives the details for each custom dashboard but not all at once.


please look that the screenshot below when we click on dashboards, is there a way to export that list? 



Thank you,

Santhosh Indukuri



Here is the solution for this


Enable developer tools on Chrome browser -> Network tab
Click On "Dashboards & Reports" tab -> Click on Dashboards link -> This list the dashboard list (your shared SS)
In the network tab, you will find a HTTP call: 


The response tab for this call will contain the JSON output containing the result set for all the dashboards.

This is RESTUI HTTP calls and not REST API call. (all supported REST API calls have /controller/rest/ URI prefix)

but still we need to go inside each dashboard to know what application metrics it collects.



Thank you,

Santhosh Indukuri


The URI above does not give me any errors but returns an empty array even though my API account has dashboard view and admin permissions. If this URI was replaced by another, it seems that the old one should give an error.

It only works if you provide the header 'Cookie': 'JSESSIONID=<the_actual_value>;'

The actual value can be taken from the dev tools once you're logged in. Just look into the network tab, read any requests sent (the request headers).