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How can I create health rules using the rest api?


How can I use the rest api to create Health rules and the health rule metrics?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Alicia,


Health rule cannot be created through REST API, though we can import and export the health rule.



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Hi Pratik,


I was able to export and import the health rule using the instructions on the link that you sent below.  Thank you!  I have another question related to Health rules for MQ but I'm not sure if you can answer it here or if I need to post a new question.  I'm trying to set the health rules condition so that if the current queue depth is greater than 10% of the maximum queue depth, an alert is sent out.  I am currently hard coding the value because I don't see the option of specifying the percentage.  I've attached a screen shot for you to view.


Thank you,





Now we can add/update health rule using the specified JSON payload following this: