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Facing Issues to read JMeter Request in AppDynamics Data Collector



I am following the below steps and want to correlate JMeter transactions to Appd BT.


1. JMeter simulates end-user activity by launching thread group and by executing HTTP request. AppDynamics retrieves dynamically the name of JMeter HTTP request and stores the metrics in a AppDynamics Business Transaction (BT).
2. Create a custom time range in AppDynamics in relation with the duration of JMeter execution;
3. Retrieve the JMeter Thread name within the AppDynamics snapshot (i.e. capture request details and give visibility to call graph which reflects the code-level view); and diagnose easily why JMeter Thread fails.

I have successfully completed first 2 steps.
For the third step, I have already created a "Custom Match Rules" with Header = Check for parameter existence, name = AppD_Header.
Click on tab "Split Transactions Using Request Data" and set the following values: Check "Split Transactions Using request Data" and Select "Use a header value" in Transaction names and set value = AppD_Header.
Then create a new Data Collectors with Header with the value AppD_ThreadName.

I am not able to see any information in the Appdynamics transaction snapshot after filtration.

Can anyone help me here. My reqirement is to integrate JMeter transactions with AppD Business Transactions.



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I too am experiencing the same issue. In fact I prioritized my JMeter rule as well but it didn't show customized transaction names in AppDynamics.




See documentation in attached file to integrate JMeter with AppDynamics (4.5 supported)


Click here to download PDF documentation

Hi Jerome, thank you for the detailed steps provided. I did set-up according to the PDF. But it's not showing in BT list . Can you please help me if I missing anything?

Hi Jerome,


please help to share documentation link. We are trying to do same and couldn’t find good documentation for the same.


currently we are following the link


Official documentation ion will be very helpful

Please follow below article. It include all the steps required to integrate JMeter and Appdynamics.


Thank You Pankaj!