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Application Health


I have an application that is 2 tiers and all tiers are hosted on 2 nodes. We need to monitor the application's uptime and downtime.

If the last 7 days the application is down in one day we need a percentage that says that the application is up 6 days and down 1 day 

Is it possible to do this?


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AppDynamics Team

Hi @Salah.Tarek Khattab ,

Here is an example which I use to calculate application health for my use-case. You can define the timeline and formula based on your business need.

  • To see app availability, you can create different widgets for different time ranges. You can refer to the App Agent Availability metric which is a derived metric(Under metric browser--> Application Infrastructure Performance|Tier|Individual Node|Agent|App|Availability)  
    Availability Metrics (3).png
  • When creating this widget, please select widget-specific time range. For different widgets showing availability data of different time-ranges, select respective time-range. 

    Last 15 Minutes Availability_1 (1).png

Last 15 Minutes Availability_2 (1).png


  • We can give you example but you have to determine what metrics are important to you and what formula makes more sense to you.
    • In the metric expression, you can use the same metric (APP|AGENT|AVAILABILITY) of type SUM and divide this value by the time (in minutes).  
    • The availability metric sends out metric every minute. So if you want availability % for last 15 mins and if you get 10 metric points, then the agent was up for 10/15 ~ 66.66%. 
      The metric expression I have used is:  ({Sum-Of-Availability} / time_in_minutes) * 100
    •  Where variable : Sum-Of-Availability = Sum of (Agent | App | Availability)

    • You can create different widgets for different time-range. As shown in the screenshot below, I have created 3 widgets in my "GameHouse Availability Monitoring" Dashboard where each widget shows availability value for different time-range. 

      Widgets with Various Timeranges (1).png


  • The AppDynamics agent does report application availability metrics. It will only report when the App Agent process is up and running. Even if there are no traffic on application, agent will report CLR metrics and agent availability will be >0.  If application gets terminated gracefully, the app agent will also go down and stop reporting until the next request hits the server.

You can use the metric expression to calculate the average/percentage. Please go through the below documents:


Please check "Metric Expression" section in link below. You can use the instructions to create metric expressions:

 Please let me know if adding a Widget as shown in screenshots helps you.