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shortName in Alerting Template


Am currently researching how to use the Alerting Templates in AppD for heath rules and get an error stating: " Short name not available for the condition in critical criteria"  Or   "Short name not available for the condition in warning criteria".  When I export and look further into the underlying json file, I find that there is a null for the shortName rules that are causing the error.  Some of the shortNames point to 'A' or 'B', which I am assuming line up with the criteria in the health rule conditions.  The critical or warning criteria that show as null in the json only seem to have 1 criteria  in the health rule.    Does anyone know how or why these got set to null and if I change them to 'A' instead of null, will that break anything?


Community Manager

Hi @Jim.Fleenor,


I found this AppD docs page if you search for, "shortname" shows results where A, B, C, D.


Please let me know if that doc helped and if it did, please share those learnings here as a reply to your post. Knowledge sharing is what drives this community forward.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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The only workaround I was able to come up with was to export the template as json and opened it in a code editor.  From there I was able to find the stages where the ShortName was set to null and updated the short names to match their criteria letters in the UI as a string.  Once I edited the exported template, I imported the json file and the issue was resolved.