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relative metric path



I'm trying to use this relative metric path "Business Transaction Performance|Business Transactions||*|Number of Slow Calls", however the "current evaluation status" all show grey, including Health, Evaluation Status & Status By Node.


I'm trying to use "AFFECTS" as 'Business Transactions within the Specified Tiers' and have multiple tiers chosen. The CRITICAL Condition has multiple conditions with different thresholds (see attched screenshots)


If i choose metric from the default metric tree in the condition section, then the evaluation seems to be working (metric chosen from metric tree.PNG)


Please advise why evaluation doesn't work when relative metric path is used.







AppDynamics Team



If you creating the health rule for some specific tiers then there is no point in specifying relative metric path with the wild card.


Do refer below document for referance.


Are you using wild card instead of node name.Could you provide us the full metric path which you have copied form metric browser?




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The details you are looking for are already in my post. i'll share it again


Full Metric Path:

"Business Transaction Performance|Business Transactions||/AccountSummary/assetallocation|Number of Slow Calls" is the full path


You can refer this doc to check how wildcards can be used:


The requirement is this:

The threshold that need to be setu up for each Tier is different and each tier has multiple BTs (see attached). How do we get this done using a single HR?. We know custom metrics could be used, but we dont have time to manually set up conditions for 100s of BTs, so dont suggest that option :)


The question is more towards why the relative path that has been set up doesn't work.









I don't think there is a way to set up one HR for multiple BTs with different thresholds. The only way you can do that is by picking on a optimum baseline standard deviation which can apply for all your BTs in all your tiers.