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not able to start machine agent


I am trying to start machine agent

 but its not starting. I checked log error.


[system-thread-0] 17 Feb 2020 13:49:49,362  WARN RegistrationTask - Encountered error during registration. Will retry in 60 seconds.


AppDynamics Team

Hello Vivek,


Thanks for posting to the AppDynamics Community.


It seems like the machine agent is having difficulty accessing the controller.


This can happen for many reasons, but please begin by verifying the settings in the controller-info.xml file in the <machine_agent_home>/conf directory, as described in the following document:


Please note that the <account-access-key> should be set to the access key found in your license: 



If the settings are all correct, the next thing to verify would be connectivity from the server with the machine agent to the controller. You can test this by either opening the controller in a browser from the machine agent's server, or with the following command:
telnet <controller_url> <port>
(This is only for testing connectivity so if you connect successfully please exit telnet with Ctrl-C)


Also, if there are any other messages in the log, particularly ones marked as ERROR, that could provide more clues. On the other hand, if for example you simply have the server name wrong, then the log will only show that same message repeated every minute.


Please let me know if this helps.


Best regards,