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Resolved! Unable to connect controller UI.

Hi, I just installed the controller and tried to access the controller UI, however, all the services are running but still couldn't able to access the controller UI. I checked the server log and found an error related to EUM and some other errors but...

Creating Health Rules by error summary

I need to configure Health Rules for multiple business transactions and receive all exceptions from those. However, I have few exceptions that need to be excluded from alert and I do not want to receive alerts for them. How can I setup that rule? App...

ivan4ee by Creator
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We are currently using Foglight as a monitoring tool and are in the process of moving to Appdynamics. Our dilemma is that we have to disparate environments to monitor and need to see the monitoring in a single window. 1. We have an environment which ...

apm by Explorer
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API Query - CLR Crashes

Hi,   I'm trying to write an API Query to retriev all the CLR Crashes from a single tier...   I've been able to retrieve application errors with the following but haven't been able to get any furhter;   http://gbwyeon0083:8090/controller/rest/applica...

Resolved! SaaS lite controller password reset

I'm trying to do a password reset on my controller admin account for a SaaS lite controller. Since this is the admin account none of the other accounts can make the changes necessary to do a password reset and the admin account is not able to log in....

Customize Message of an Event

In an HTTP Action, we can use "${latestEvent.eventMessage}" to get the message of a Health Rule. I am wondering if it is possible to customize the eventMessage.   As a bit of background, we forward the eventMessage to HipChat and we would like to sim...