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Saas controler looses cool feature every upgrade

At least this is true for the Custom Dashboards. First the export to PDF was dropped.

Now, with 4.3 version the mouse over doesn't show all the Widget metric values any more (only one or few).


I'm so disapointed with the degradation, especially after support replied that there is no way to downgrade the saas controller.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)



I can understand your frustration at losing capabilities that you've come to rely on.  In the case on the PDF export, the loss of the capability is tied to our migration away from Flex/Flash.  We judged that the benefits of moving away from the insecure legacy system outweighed the immediate loss in functionality.  We do have some other approaches that we can suggest depending on your exact use case - and we are working on some new capabilities in that area too.


I don't recognize the second issue about the metric value roll-overs.  It's possible that this is also a change in behavior tied to Flash migration.  There are also some other possible explanations related to the massively increased metric capacity in 4.3 -- it's not always feasible to push that enormous volume of data to the browser, so we have some optimizations, and this problem may be an artifact.


If you'd like to submit a support ticket, or even give a little more detail here, we can get to the root of it.


I do apologize for making your life more difficult, clearly that's not the intention.  In this case we tried to prioritize security, and scalability, and we sacrificed feature parity in order to get the improvements to you faster.  And, of course, we will continure to work towards closing those gaps over the coming releases.


If you'd like to discuss any of this in more detail, just let me know - I look forward to learning more,




Evin Levey


Sr Director of Product

Product Lead for APM