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REST API 500 invalid account



I have an issue with AppDynamics SaaS trying to access information about the Internal Applications through the REST API, i.e. DB Monitoring. I am trying the GET request as:

And I get the error:

<h1>500 Internal Server Error</h1>
<br/>Exception Id:8ae76c3f-3b4d-46e3-bea5-90cd2b52d7c3


The actual response code is:

500 Invalid Account : Principal [integ], Entity [Type:APPLICATION, id:1]


Same URL is working for my On Premise instance of AppDynamics, so what is the issue with SaaS? How can I read data about Application id 1 on SaaS?


Well, I think I figured it out...

I send the call:


and I see the actual ID for the Database Monitoring app is 190697 for this SaaS instance.

I guess the Invalid account error has some other explanation, but what I am trying to do here is read the HRVs for the Database Monitoring app so that works for me know..



Glad to know that you were able to proceed on this.




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