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Uploading dSYM files automatically


I am trying to upload the dSYM files automatically in the pipeline by hitting the Appdynamics REST APIs. Would like to know, how can I do it using API tokens? 

1. I want to generate the token using Appdynamics REST API.  

  • The token generation API requires both an authentication header with username and password as well as the oAuth request body to successfully request a token.
    • We use only SAML login. Do I need to create a local account for this purpose?
  • Then, how long the API token can live?

2. API Clients ( When I generate the token via Admin UI, it shows the max is 30days. Then it needs to be regenerated.  Any comments on it?

Appreciate your inputs on this. 







Hi Cansel, 

Thanks for your response. 

Yes, we are uploading the dSYM files as part of build. 

I have referred the documents which you shared. 

For iOS, 

curl -v -H Content-Type:application/octet-stream --upload-file --user Example account:Example-License-Key-4e8ec2ae6cfe

This looks like HTTP basic authentication to me.

It requires only the account name and license key to authenticate ? Does it not need any user credentials ? 

Then, there is no need of generating and using API tokens. Am I right? 




@Cansel.OZCAN  Do you have any comments on my previous message?