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Questions about Business Transaction registration

Good afternoon team,

This is a REST API service where we have a lot of changes in the API, new URIs come up and old ones are deleted all the time.
Therefore I have created some dynamic Transaction Detection rules, so we don't need to be updating them every time. FYI, I'm using the following custom expression:

Now the problem is that we hit the max BTs per node limit, and some traffic go to the All Other Traffic, and we want some important BTs to stay always on top.


My three question are:
1) If I register these key BTs from the All Other Traffic, will this registration assure that these BTs will always be in the registered ones, no matter how many times I reset the agent?
2) What if I register over 50 new BTs? Will the oldest ones be unregistered, following a FIFO method?
3) What is the Appdynamics collector's criteria to select which transactions will go to the Business Transactions list, and which ones will go to the All Other Traffic?

Best regards,



1. Sure regexp works, but you will have to delete one of the 50 for it to show up. First come first serve kind of thing. Specially annoying if you start to split a BT into two BT's the old one would still "take place" until controller cleanup job runs with long def. cycle.

2. You can up the BT limit per agent from 50 to say 150. But ther's still the annoying BT limit on 200 per application on the controller side. Wish AppD could atleast doubble this hint hint....

3. First come first serve. You can up the controller 200 limit too, but that would hit all your applications and something you would like to be careful with.


You might want to create custom service endpoints instead? I think the limit on the controller side is 4000. You would loose topology view, but they will be tracked anyway...


This whole reason assumes that you do not have transaction analytics, thats an whole other story.....