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Pull Metric browser REST url without using UI

New Poster

Is there a way to get the REST URLs for a given set of metrics without using the UI? I need to create a compiled list and going to the UI for each is going to be painful so I hope there is a way to easily do this from the command line.





AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Stephen!

We have a rest API that you can use to pull metrics. Easiest way to get the metric path is to go to your Controller -> (Select your Application under "Applications") -> Metric Browser (left menu)


Select the metric(s) you want and right click on it and you should get a "copy REST Url". That should do the trick to grab the metric information you require..


Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 3.33.03 PM.png

If you are running this from a script you will probably need to authenticate wit HTTP which is described here..



Thanks for the reply Kevin. I am aware of how to get the URL via the Web UI but I'd like to replicate that action from a script. I couldn't find anything specific in the API docs that pointed me to how to do that without using the UI. Does that help clear up what I am trying to accomplish?


For App FooBar use API call to get REST URL for all metrics/specific metric







I'll second Stephen's request/question. It would be really helpful if there's some mechanism/endpoint one could hit that exposes a comprehensive list of metrics exposed by AppDynamics. This would enable complete automation of extracting metric data. If there's no endpoint that lists out metrics, is it possible to derive the metric path by making successive calls to the metrics hierarchy endpoint and looking at the child elements with each metric item?




Use this


curl -k -K /home/appdynamics/test/password http://hostname:port/controller/rest/applications/<ApplicationName>/business-transactions?output=JSON


in /home/appdynamics/test/password update data as below

user = username@accountname:passowrd


Did anyone solve this?
I need to collect the rest URL without using UI. i.e. Using command line or using any code.
Please let us know if anyone has an idea to overcome this.

Thanks in advance!