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Not able to connect with the controller

New Poster

I am trying to get started with APPDYNAMICS and want to implement a working example to monitor PHP application.


I have tried both, SaaS and On Premise version, but not able to see my PHP log connected to controller.


I followed below steps.


  • From the Home screen of controller, I clicked on Get Started > PHP
  • I want to monitor PHP on my local machine (Ubuntu 16.04), so selected - All Other Linux OS - 64-bit
  • Given a name to both application and tier and Downloaded agent.
  • Ectracted the agent file to some directory and run - sudo bash
  • Ensured that the agent installed without any error.
  • Made logs directory writable.
  • Restarted Apache2 service.
  • Accessed application hosted with PHP in my local.


But the controller screen still shows - Waiting for Connection...


I tried multiple times.


Can anyone point me what m I doing wrong ?


AppDynamics Team
Hi, Apologies for the delay, are you still facing the issue, if yes, please try to download manually PHP agents as referred in doc link below and see how it goes post manually performing steps referred in below docs: Also share agent logs and new error if issue exists, Based on your response we will request PHP team on this.

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