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Monitoring of Controller Uptime

Hi All,


We have 5 AppD Controllers for our various Applications and Offerings, all are OnPremise.

We are looking to monitor the Controller Hosts and the AppD service uptime.

Can anyone share how you are handling this scenario?

Any suggestions are welcome too.



Have you tried logging in with the admin account?

login to admin.jsp by following the instructions on this page

Once logged in, change the URL in your browser to the regular controller UI, you will see your own controller as the app being monitored and you can setup alerts, health rules etc for your own controller app.




Hi Gurmit,


If the Controller itself is non-responsive, the rules and alerts wont work right?

How to monitor those scenarios?



Hi Vishnu, yes, you are correct.

In that case you will have to use some third party tools or write a custom script.

Quick and easy solution is to write a shell script that runs every minute and looks for the controller process (may be ps -ef command) and as soon as there is not output, it will send email to the intersted parties.

Above is assuming that the controllers are on Linux.


Do you have any other monitoring tools that are being used with in your environment?

If you are using SPlunk for log monitoring, may be you can set monitors on the controller server.log and trigger an event if there are not entries in the log for a set duration.

I'm following this as well. 2 on-premise controllers. I want to set up 3rd party monitoring in Splunk for when controllers, db-agents, or events-service goes down. Have you built anyting out on this? 


Please let me know. I was thinking of splunking server.log, events-service logs, and db-agent logs and creating dashboards and alerts based off of this. Might be a good add-on. Let me know what you're thinking and we can maybe collaborate. 




Hi anzianojackson,

Yes that is what i meant and we have this in place already, we monitor server.log and if there is not activity for some set time then we send out alerts.

When you say add-on, not sure what you mean? As this is something on the splunk side so should be a splunk add-on or deployment app.


Correct. I was thinking something built as a Splunk app, similar to the Nagios monitoring app:


What I'm thinking is using the URL monitor AppD Extension to hit the different URL endpoints. I'm trying to think about how to see if the database agent is up other than a simple ps - ef |grep db-agent script, but that might be all I can get. 

Events Service, I'll probably pull from the server.log. 


on-premise eum collector: 

<hostname of eum>:7001/eumaggregator/ping


I'm still mostly in the brainstorming phase at this point, but I'll see what I can build out.