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How to identify which metric is making the Agent Metric Registration Reached?


Hi All,


In one of my Business Applications, I have only one tier and four nodes (All Different Servers) under that Tier. I am getting "Agent metric Registration Limit Reached" of 5000 only from one of the Node and Not from others?


How do I know which metrics are the culprit that is causing Registration to exceed Max 5000? Please Help me.


Also If I find out the metrics, how can I stop getting those metrics being Registered?



I'm also interested in approaches for this as well.


Hi Abhilash,


Now there are so many reasons for reaching the limit


1) You are monitoring so many BT's and due to that agent is reaching the limit.

2) You are creating so many backends due to that you are reaching the limit.

3) You are registering too many mbean from the same node due to that you are reaching the limit.


Follow the steps below to resolve this error message:


1. First control the metric registration limit from the agent side after deleting the unwanted business transactions, information points, service endpoints and back ends. You can then try resetting the agent.

2. If all of the metrics are still required, you can increase the agent metric registration limit using the system property below and restarting the agent.




Also, You can group you BT/backend in one backend/BT so you can control the metric limit



1. There is a reason why we have these limits.Be careful when increasing the metric registration limit. Before doing so, check your current CPU and memory utilization from the application side. A drastic increase of agent limit can affect the Controller.

2. Identify which metrics are registered, and focus only on relevant metrics. Increasing the limits every-time you encounter this error is not the solution.


Suresh Rapaka