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Health Rule Violations API Returning Less Information


Hi Community,

I'm currently facing a concern around the Health Rule Violations API returning less information in the "description" field since my company updated the controller from version to 20.7.2-2909. 

Here is the api result comparison between between both version and the deepLinkUrl output: "description": "description": "AppDynamics has detected a problem with Application <b>APP-1</b>.<br><b>Service Availability</b> continues to violate with <b>critical</b>.<br>All of the following conditions were found to be violating<br>For Application <b>APP-1</b>:<br>1) API-PORTAL<br><b>Availability's</b> value <b>2.00</b> was <b>less than</b> the threshold <b>3.00</b> for the last <b>30</b> minutes<br>"



20.7.2-2909: "description": "AppDynamics has detected a problem.<br><b>Business Transaction Health</b> is violating."



I'm wondering if anything was misconfigured related to the health alert or is there a way to fine tune the alert to show a detailed version. Thank you ! 


AppDynamics Team

Hi @Eka.PLN ,

Thank you for posting to the community.

Could you please check below?
1) Go to the below URL (log in using root credentials)
2) Search for the property, appdynamics.restapi.healthrule.violations.listing.optimization.enabled
3) If the property is true, set it to false
4) Click on Submit button at the bottom

Then, please execute the Health Rule Violations API and check the description.
Note that appdynamics.restapi.healthrule.violations.listing.optimization.enabled is sometimes set true to improve the performance of Health Rule Violations API.
If appdynamics.restapi.healthrule.violations.listing.optimization.enabled is already false, could you please execute the API for other health rule violations and see if you can get full information in the description field?

Best Regards,

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