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Health Rule Not Trigerring

I have been trying to create  a health rule but it doesnt seem to trigger. Now I have copied all of the parameters from an existing rule that works and have saved it with a different name but now again the newly made rule again doesnt trigger.

What I think the issue is that I do not see the affected entities ( databases) in the current evalutation screen.

rule.PNGWhat might be the issue here? Suggestions will be appriciated.



Your hunch is correct, if it's not showing anything in the current evaluation status then it isn't even picking up the metric you're trying to point it to. When you go to the health rule, under "affected entities" what do you have selected?

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Thank you for replying on my post.I have selected the correct oracle databases for affected entities. After a lot of tweaking what I did was I copied an existing health rule and saved it with a different name and different values for warning and critical so that it triggers but again the original rule( from which I copied the attributes) is working in the meanwhile the new rule still doesnt have the selected databases in the current evaltuation column. :/


Hi Eric. Thanks for your response. The issue has been resolved, what was happening is that I was using my saml non admin account in order to create the health rule which is why they were not triggering. I should have kept that in mind. Thanks