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Firing an Ansible Playbook as Auto-Remediation Script

Hi Everyone!


Recently, I was browsing on AppDynamics docs regarding the auto-remediation scripts. I was amazed at how this works, and decided to read more about custom actions.


Then a question came in to my mind. On our organization, there is a server dedicated for Ansible components. Ansible is really net tool to automate tasks such as rolling restarts, deletion, and provisioning, all in one playbook. I was thinking if there would be a way to trigger an ansible playbook rather than a single remediation script?


I think this would be possible IF there is an ansible installed on the monitored server. However, the Ansible components are stored on a separate component. I'm thinking that a workaround would be to trigger an auto-remediation script on monitored server, which then runs the playbook command. This method, however, will be more tedious as there are more points involved to trigger a single playbook.


Are there any out-of-the-box way / techniques / workarounds to execute a playbook from the policy Controller config?


Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Bryan,


I think you can try HTTP Request to use with a policy to run a Ansible Playbook.

You can know more on HTTP Request in this documentation link :


I have not tried this, but I will let other community members to post their thoughts.