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Failover Automation

Hello everyone,

I have not started yet, I wanted to progress with the sharing of ideas from you.

I have 4 appdynamics servers 1 es 1ec 2 controller.

Every month, I turn off their manual failover in patch passes, respectively.

I want to automate it via ansible , vro or servicenow instead of doing it manually.

For example;
1 es server will be stopped, after the patch guarantees running, it will restart and wake up the service.
He will repeat 2 Ec as we will meet.
3. if it wants to fail over it will check and stop and restart whichever server is secondary.
4. After starting the failover and switching to the other server, it will perform the same steps on the previous first server and print the successful or error messages as the last log on all servers.

I look forward to your thoughts on this.

I would like to make an additional correction: Patches are automatically passed to the server, but it is only expected to be restarted. What I want to do is to include failover in this restart sequence.

that is, just removing the restart operation from the manual and automating it.


New Member

To automate the monthly restart and failover processes for your AppDynamics servers, you can use Ansible playbooks or workflows in vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) or ServiceNow. These automation scripts should include the steps to patch, restart, and, if applicable, perform failover for your servers. Set up scheduling, logging, and notifications for monitoring and alerting, and thoroughly test the automation in a non-production environment before deploying it in your production environment.