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Event service not running (Linux Installation)




when I run 

/appdynamics/controller/HA/ appdcontroller status

I get the following results


version: 004-002-013-001
db running as monitor - active
watchdog not running
assassin not running
controller running
events service not running
reporting service running
machine-agent service not running

So then I switch over to this and get this result:

Please set JAVA_HOME env variable

Lastly I try this 


/appdynamics/controller/bin/ start-events-service
[INFO] Path to mysql is not defined in system environment (MYSQL_BIN). Using mysql from /apps/appdynamics/controller/db/bin

[INFO] Mysql configuration file is not defined in system environment (AD_DB_CNF). Using mysql configuration file: /apps/appdynamics/controller/db/db.cnf

[INFO] Mysql datadir is /data/appdynamics/controller/db/data
Starting the Events Service... This may take a few minutes. Check the /apps/appdynamics/controller/logs/events-service-startup.log for details.

I've attached the events-service-startup.log. Any help on getting the events service started and running would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!





AppDynamics Team

Hi Jahinnipa,

Can you try to start it manually and verify


cd <events_service_install_dir>
nohup bin/ start -p conf/ &

Note: Before you invoke the above command, Please make sure to remove any that might be present . Location for instance [/opt/AppDynamics/Controller/events_service/bin/../]


You can refer the below article on this



Mohammed Rayan

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