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Controller (SaaS, On Premises)

How to use regex in healthrule for custom metrics


How to use regex in healthrule for custom metrics



I have to upload ActiveMQ metrics on controller as custom metrics. I want to create a health rule for a metric using regex so that 1 health rule can be applied to hosts.


Example: This is a full path for my ActiveMQ metrics. myhostname1 and myhostname2 are 2 hosts. MyBrokename1 and MyBrokename2 are broker name.


Application Infrastructure Performance|app|Custom Metrics|ActiveMQ|myhostname1|Broker|MyBrokename1|Queue|poc.appdynamics.Queue|QueueSize

Application Infrastructure Performance|app|Custom Metrics|ActiveMQ|myhostname2|Broker|MyBrokename2|Queue|poc.appdynamics.Queue|QueueSize


I am looking for something like below where the hostname ad broker is a regular expression.


Application Infrastructure Performance|app|Custom Metrics|ActiveMQ|*|Broker|*|Queue|poc.appdynamics.Queue|QueueSize


Can someone help me to achieve this?


^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez to improve grammar and readability. 

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How to use regex in healthrule for custom metrics
AppDynamics Team



Could you try creating the HR configuration after selecting Type as Node Health - Hardware .... and copy the full path of metric from metric browser. Trim till "custom metric" and use the metric path as per attached screenshot. 


Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 2.03.00 pm (1).pngScreen Shot 2016-09-19 at 2.02.51 pm (1).png




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Thanks It worked